Doom Can Now Actually Run on a Pregnancy Test, Thanks to Programming Genius

Doom Can Now Actually Run on a Pregnancy Test, Thanks to Programming Genius

After much trial and error, the same ambitious programmer has finally achieved what was thought to be impossible -- pregnancy test Doom.

Back in September I reported on an incredibly talented hardware engineer and software programmer Foone Turing who was in the process of taking the often tongue-in-cheek “but can it run Doom?” challenge to new heights — by getting it to work on a pregnancy test of all things. And after much headache in a very detailed and amusing Twitter thread chronicling their process, they finally succeeded in their goal:

They plan on releasing a basic how-t0 guide of the process, so definitely keep tabs on their social media. You can also check out the full library of other videos they’ve gotten running on the above setup. And if you want to support them, here are links to their Patreon and ko-fi pages.

This is hardly the first crazy thing done with Doom. In other Doom running news, YouTuber Equalo set himself a challenge to run DOOM solely by using the power of potatoes and succeededAnd in a video shared on Instagram, a user named Richard Mallard was able to get xCloud running through his smart fridge to play games, with DOOM Eternal being one of the showcases for this marvel of technological feats.

Developer id Software released a new patch last month for Eternal that included a variety of different Render Modes which gives the game drastically different looks, depending on which you choose to implement. One of these is “Retro Handheld” which resembles the original Game Boy’s iconic green color palette.

On the completely opposite end of the graphical spectrum is Nvidia’s own recent video demonstration of their RTX 3080, which showed off DOOM Eternal.The video shows comparisons between the RTX 3080 and what was previously considered one of Nvidia’s most powerful cards in the RTX 2080 Ti. Running at max settings, DOOM Eternal is able to consistently net between 100-130fps during combat while running at a 4K resolution.

Check out our review of the original DOOM Eternal here, which according to the piece “is a drastic improvement over its predecessor in every way and sees the Doom Slayer reclaiming his throne in the shooter genre.”