Doom Eternal Lets You Dress Up Doom Guy As a Unicorn

The Doom Eternal Battlemode will add customization options for everyone's favorite Slayer. Snag the DOOMicorn skin via an upcoming Twitch promo.

March 10, 2020

What could possibly be more terrifying for the denizens of Hell than seeing Doom Guy dressed up as colorful unicorn? I mean, sure seeing him rip and tear his way through your demon friends and family is sure to cause some stress, but watching him murder everyone with a pink unicorn crowning his helmet? That’s next-level horror. Unfortunately for your enemies, Bethesda announced today that players can do exactly that in Doom Eternal as part of an upcoming Twitch promotion.

The latest Doom Eternal trailer actually shows off several customization options for good ole Doom Guy. You can see skins ranging from classic Doom Guy to an on-fire variation and many, many more. However, the most notable one is obviously the winged unicorn skin. It’s just so outlandish and totally garish that I cannot wait to unlock it. Obviously it’s completely ridiculous, but that’s what makes it great.


If the “DOOMicorn” isn’t quite your style though, fret not. As mentioned above, it looks like Bethesda is going full-out with customization options for Battlemode. The 2v1 multiplayer mode is trying to recreate the feel of single-player Doom with friends. Hopefully, with customization coming to Doom Guy, we’ll also get some options for the many demons you’ll play as in the mode. The possibilities certainly seem endless, especially if Bethesda and id Software are willing to have this much fun with it.

Doom Eternal is out on March 20 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One. The Twitch promotion kicks off on launch day and runs through April 21, giving you plenty of time to pick up that gorgeous unicorn and everything that comes with it.


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