DOOM Eternal Has Officially Been Rated by the ESRB and You Won't Believe What it Has Received

Actually, you probably could've guessed this easily.

September 23, 2019

This fall’s upcoming release of DOOM Eternal has now apparently been rated by the ESRB and the rating it has received may shock you.

Just kidding. To the surprise of no one on planet Earth (or Mars, for that matter), DOOM Eternal is now officially rated M. Yes, that means for Mature. You’re going to have to try extra hard to convince your mother to let you buy this one.

The official DOOM Twitter account was the one to share the news today via a brief new GIF from Eternal. The clip we see has the DOOM Slayer hacking a demon into three separate pieces with an “M” rating logo appearing in the lower corner of the screen. If you had hopes for a lower rating with Eternal, well, you definitely misplaced those hopes.


While the official ESRB description for DOOM Eternal hasn’t appeared on the ratings board’s website just yet, I don’t think it’s hard to know how the game got that rating. Violence, blood, gore, dirty language, and more violence like attributed to this rating more than anything. This is a DOOM game, after all. And it’s one that I cannot wait to get my own hands on.

DOOM Eternal is set to launch later this year on November 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. If it ends up being half as good as the demo I played earlier this year at E3 2019, it could end up being a Game of the Year frontrunner.

Logan Moore

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