DOOM Eternal Gameplay Footage Running on Stadia Revealed

Check out some of the first footage of DOOM Eternal running on Google's new Stadia platform.

Bethesda and id Software made headlines yesterday when they announced that they would be bringing the upcoming shooter DOOM Eternal to Google’s new streaming platform Stadia upon release. Now, we have some new gameplay footage of Eternal running specifically on Stadia to see what it looks like.

Courtesy of GameSpot, over two minutes of new gameplay footage of DOOM Eternal was released. This is the first look we’ve had of the game since QuakeCon 2018 which took place last August. Much like what we saw last year, DOOM Eternal continues to look pretty great in this new footage that we can see. Combat seems to be even more fast-paced than 2016’s DOOM and the weapons that you have at your disposal seem to be pretty ridiculous as well.

As for the Stadia aspect of what is being shown, well, it’s hard to know how improved the experience may or may not be running on Google’s platform. Since the footage that we see in question is being recorded off-screen, it’s difficult to tell just how high-quality the experience is graphically. Plus, without being able to play for yourself, there’s really no way to tell how much input lag there could or could not be in the experience. Overall, what we see here looks pretty solid, but there’s really no way to tell from this simple footage if Stadia is offering a better experience compared to consoles and PC.

You can find the footage in question of DOOM Eternal attached below. Currently, the game doesn’t have a release date but it is planned to arrive on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch, and Stadia. Luckily, we should be learning more about DOOM Eternal and its potential release window this summer at Bethesda’s E3 showcase.

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