DOOM Eternal's New "Ice Bomb" Looks Awesome

Hell is going to freeze over when you finally get your hands on DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean the hype train has to stop. I mean, DOOM (2016) is one of the best games in recent memory, and everything about DOOM Eternal looks just as good and better. Like its predecessor, the gameplay looks visceral, violent, and fun. Today, the official DOOM Twitter account gave us this cool new snippet from the upcoming game:

Please insert your ice-based puns in the comment section below. Bonus points if you can use them to discuss the ice bomb’s ability to control a crowd–how freezing your enemies provides you with the opportunity to spray them all down or move in for a choice Glory Kill. It basically looks like an upgraded version of the 2016 game’s “stun bomb.”

The one thing that DOOM (2016) lacked, in my opinion, was an effective multiplayer mode. Multiplayer in DOOM was an afterthought at best, and it failed to recapture the things that made DOOM fun to begin with. DOOM Eternal, however, seems much more dedicated to providing you with a meaningful multiplayer experience. In fact, the keynote speech at QuakeCon 2019 focused on the game’s multiplayer mode, “Battlemode”. This mode will pit two demons against one Doom Slayer. At launch, you’ll be able to control five different demons, and iD has promised to continue adding new demons to the game even after it releases.

DOOM Eternal will launch next year–March 20, 2020–for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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