Doom Eternal Marauder Fight Guide -- How to Kill This Asshole

Having trouble with the Doom Eternal Marauder fights? Here is a guide that will simplify that process, making those encounters a breeze.

March 26, 2020

There are many enemies in Doom Eternal that present a challenge, but none of them are as fearsome and frustrating as the Marauder. Like, seriously. It can be very annoying to fight one of these guys. Heck, there are even times when two of these dudes come in, surely setting a record for your stress level playing video games. This Doom Eternal Marauder fight guide will give you all the details you need to make this fight a bit less strenuous.

Who is the Marauder?

If you’re here, you probably don’t need me to give you an explanation. The name speaks for itself. But if you aren’t aware, the Marauder is the giant ax and shotgun-wielding demon who seems to be wielding his own set of Sentinel armor. He also has a shield that can legitimately block anything if your shots are not timed right. Yes, anything! A picture of this beast can be seen above.


The basics for the Doom Eternal Marauder fight

There are a few basics you should know about the Doom Eternal Marauder fight you should know if you are having trouble with that first encounter. It is explained pretty well in-game, but it’s understandable if you accidentally skipped or glossed over it for the sake of getting back into the action.

The Marauder is essentially a mini-boss fight and reacts according to distance. If you are up close, they will use the shotgun, if you’re too far, it’ll use its ax’s ability to launch a laser projectile at you. Also, they will occasionally spawn a spirit dog that will do a ton of damage if you do not take care of it quickly. Shooting at the Marauder from afar or up close will do no damage as they pull their shield up instantly.

So, when is the right time to strike? You essentially have to find a distance safe enough for you to react but causes the Marauder to strike you with his ax. You will know this is happening when their eyes glow green. This is your opening to hit him with everything and anything you got.

With that in mind, remember to always keep an eye on your health, armor, and ammo. If you start to run out, run away, and find some fodder demons to kill to get the supplies you need.

How to kill them swiftly

You may have noticed that this fight takes a very long time, especially if you haven’t familiarized yourself with its combat quite yet. Thanks to the internet, it seems there is a way to make the Doom Eternal Marauder fights much shorter.

Thanks to esports caster and content creator Ryan Neal, a video showing how to take care of the Marauders swiftly has been shared showing everyone just how to take care of these jerks swiftly.

Seen above, make sure you have the ballista and super shotgun equipped so you can quickly switch between the two weapons. If you do not know how to quick switch, you use the same button to open the weapon wheel, but just tap it instead of holding it.

Once, you have the two weapons set up for the quick switch, begin with the ballista and wait for their eyes to glow green. Once they starts to strike, hit them with the ballista, quick switch to the super shotgun for another shot, and then quick switch again to the ballista for one last shot. Doing this twice stuns them for the glory kill. Perform the glory kill, and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

What you definitely should not do during the Doom Eternal Marauder fight

If for some reason you are not using the swift mentioned explained above, and trying to use your big guns to take them out, here is my advice: Don’t do that!

When I said they can block anything, I mean anything! There will be a point when you will get the BFG and the Crucible (the laser sword). While these weapons can take out just about any enemy with one strike, it does nothing to the Marauder. He just blocks these attacks. While it won’t expend any Crucible ammo, you will waste a BFG shot, which can be used infinitely more effectively in any other encounter.

Now that you have everything you need to know for the Doom Eternal Marauder fights, get out there and slay those assholes. If you need general tips for enemy encounters, you can check out these tips to aid you in your fight to save Earth from the demonic invasion.

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