DOOM Eternal Composer Mick Gordon Might Not be Returning for Future Bethesda Projects

Gordon seems to be frustrated with how the official DOOM Eternal soundtrack was mixed and might not be working with the publisher any longer.

April 20, 2020

Mick Gordon is a composer who has worked in close proximity to Bethesda for years now and has done work on games like PreyWolfensteinDOOM, and others. However, after such a long period of time working together, it seems as though DOOM Eternal might be Gordon’s last project with the publisher.

Over the weekend, the official soundtrack for DOOM Eternal released for those who have the Collector’s Edition of the game. While this might seem like a surefire win for many considering how great Eternal’s music is, some audiophiles were disappointed with the quality of the album. Compared to the DOOM (2016) soundtrack, some found that the Eternal score was far more compressed, meaning that the overall condition of the music on the album wasn’t well-mixed.


Gordon caught wind of those discussing the audio quality of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack on Twitter and responded saying that he didn’t have control of most of the song mixes that appeared on the album. “I didn’t mix those and wouldn’t have done that,” Gordon said bluntly. “You’ll be able to spot the small handful of tracks I mixed.”

While Gordon didn’t say for one reason or another why he wasn’t given the liberty to mix all of the tracks on the album, he definitely seemed annoyed all the same. And who could blame him? As the person who composed all of the music featured in DOOM Eternal, you’d imagine that Gordon would want to mix the tracks himself, too. For him to not be able to do so seems ridiculous.

Gordon’s frustration with Bethesda over this whole situation also seems to have potentially reached a point where he’s not planning to work with the company anymore, either. In an unsubstantiated post that appeared on the DOOM subreddit, one poster claims to have had an interaction with Gordon via Instagram where he said that he doubts he’ll work with Bethesda any longer. Again, it’s important to note that this interaction might very well be falsified, but if it’s true, it’s definitely a shame to see.

I commented about it yesterday. I turned I’d break the news here. This is a dark day for our beloved franchise from r/Doom

Despite the past two DOOM entries being so well-received for a variety of reasons, it’s hard to imagine either without Gordon’s raucous music. While more DOOM entries are surely in the cards (especially considering how well Eternal has already sold) it would be a major bummer to not see Gordon once again do the soundtrack for any future installments.

Let’s hope that whatever rift there might be between Bethesda and Gordon can get patched up. And if it doesn’t? Well, I’m sure many others in the industry would love to have Gordon compose soundtracks for their games, too.

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