DOOM Eternal Mural Beginning to Go Up in Los Angeles Signaling the Start of E3 2019

DOOM Eternal Mural Beginning to Go Up in Los Angeles Signaling the Start of E3 2019

Get your first look at the iconic annual billboard featuring DOOM Eternal that's beginning to go up in LA.

If you attend E3 each year in Los Angeles, or you just closely pay attention from home, you’re probably familiar with the large billboard that goes up on the famous Figueroa Hotel, which is right down the street from the convention center. Last year, Fallout 76 appeared on the outside of the hotel and the year before that it featured Star Wars Battlefront II.

Well, as of today, it seems that work on the mural has started to kick off and this year, DOOM Eternal will be the game gracing the front of the hotel. The demon-blasting shooter, which still doesn’t have a release date, is set to have a pretty big showing at E3 this year as Bethesda has said over the past few months. As such, it’s not a shock that this would be the game that gets the coveted spot at The Fig this year.

While the mural obviously hasn’t been completed just yet, you can see the early stages of it being put together in the featured image up top and the Reddit post down below. Personally, DOOM has always had some of my favorite art in gaming so I’m extremely excited to see how this looks when it’s all finished.

Furthermore, the fact that this is the game being posted on the side of The Fig this year makes me believe that the game is likely due out in 2019. While there’s no confirmation of that just yet, it bodes well that we’ll be returning to hell before the end of the year.

As of now, DOOM Eternal is set to come to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and even Google Stadia when it launches.

Update! DOOM E3 Mural in LA from r/Doom