Yes, Someone Got DOOM Eternal to Run on a Smart Fridge with xCloud

Yes, Someone Got DOOM Eternal to Run on a Smart Fridge with xCloud

Your dreams are finally fulfilled; you can punch demons in the face while eating a sandwich with xCloud running DOOM Eternal on a fridge.

Released earlier this year, DOOM Eternal is a hardcore experience thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and relentless demon killing action. Naturally, ripping out demon’s throats and eviscerating the spawn of Hell can take a lot out of you, so why not play DOOM Eternal while having a snack in the kitchen? Thankfully, someone made this a reality with the power of xCloud and a smart fridge.

In a video shared on Instagram, a user named Richard Mallard was able to get xCloud running through his smart fridge to play games, with DOOM Eternal being one of the showcases for this marvel of technological feats. You can check out the video below:

As noted by The Verge‘s Tom Warren, Mallard was likely able to achieve this by sideloading the Android app for xCloud onto the smart fridge in portrait mode. However, while running the xCloud app the fridge’s display is running the titles in their correct aspect ratio, making it even easier to grab a beer or a snack while blasting demons away with a shotgun.

The most interesting part of this unusual way to play games (outside of a Tesla) is the fact that xCloud is still working its way towards being playable on iOS devices, let alone a smart fridge. Due to Apple’s policies with the iOS App Store, Microsoft is currently trying to find a way to bring xCloud over to iOS users, but being able to play on a smart fridge at least seems like a feasible workaround for the time being.

DOOM Eternal is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC, with the game also coming to Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X/Series S at a later date. Also, hopefully, to smart fridges.