Panic Button Is Developing DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch, Targeting 30 FPS

Panic Button Is Developing DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch, Targeting 30 FPS

The developer of DOOM, Rocket League, and Wolfenstein II for Nintendo Switch is back handling the Switch version of DOOM Eternal.

Nintendo fans were likely ecstatic to hear that the highly-anticipated sequel, DOOM Eternal, would be Switch-bound. The 2016 DOOM that Eternal acts as a sequel to was ported to the Switch over one year after the game’s original release. The news got better, as Bethesda confirmed what all were assuming—developer Panic Button would be back to work on the Switch version.

Panic Button already has a history bringing blockbuster games to the relatively underpowered console-handheld hybrid. Along with DOOM, the Austin-based developer also brought Rocket League and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to Switch, with a port of Warframe also in the works by the team.

Eurogamer interviewed Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin of Bethesda, revealing a few key details about the project. Unlike the first DOOM game, Eternal was being developed with the Switch in mind, being treated as what they call a “first class citizen.” Second, like the port of the first game, the Switch version will not run at 60 FPS; Stratton mentions that the first game ran at 30 FPS at “no sacrifice to the experience.”

While Bethesda is being tight-lipped on a release date, the Switch version of DOOM Eternal is planned to release alongside the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. Meanwhile, if you are looking to get in on the pre-order game early, the game is already available on Amazon for early bird gamers.

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