DOOM Eternal Joins Xbox Game Pass for PC Later this Week

DOOM Eternal Joins Xbox Game Pass for PC Later this Week

DOOM Eternal is set to now head over to Xbox Game Pass for PC users two days from now on December 3.

Earlier this year, DOOM Eternal dropped on Xbox Game Pass for console, with Microsoft saying that Bethesda’s popular shooter would be coming to the PC iteration of the service later in 2020. Well, as of today, we now know exactly when that release will be transpiring and it’s far sooner than you may have expected.

Bethesda and Microsoft announced today that DOOM Eternal will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in a mere two days on Thursday, December 3. The game will then be free to download and play for all of those who are subscribed to the PC-only or Ultimate versions of Xbox Game Pass.

In addition to announcing this launch date, it was also revealed that a new challenge mode has today rolled out to DOOM Eternal as well. A new master level for the Super Gore Nest stage has been added to the game and adds more enemies, alters combat situations, and makes for a fresh experience overall. Those who complete the remixed level will then be able to be rewarded with various cosmetic prizes, with the overall “ultimate” reward being that of a new golden skin for the Combat Shotgun.

Overall, it’s going to be a busy next week for DOOM Eternal. Not only is it now finally coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC this week, but it’s also releasing on the Nintendo Switch one week from today on December 8. Whether you have played the highly-popular shooter this year or not, it is definitely going to be more accessible than ever before within the coming days.