The First Three DOOM Games are Coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Today [UPDATE]

The First Three DOOM Games are Coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Today [UPDATE]

A QuakeCon announcement from Bethesda has come about just a bit early.

UPDATEDOOMDOOM II, and DOOM 3 all indeed just went live on the Nintendo eShop and can be picked up right now. The first two games are $4.99 each and the third is valued at $9.99.

In addition, all three titles are also landing on PS4 and Xbox One today. Conversely, DOOM and DOOM II are also now on iOS, too.

Prior to QuakeCon’s opening keynote address kicking off in just about one hours, it seems one of Bethesda’s planned announcements for today has leaked ahead of time.

As seen this morning by Nintendo Life, listings on Nintendo’s UK eShop stated that the original DOOMDOOM II, and DOOM 3 are all now planned to come to the Switch. Best of all, the dates associated with all three titles has them each pegged to release today, July 26. Since first being spotted though, all three listings have now been removed, seemingly proving that the pages went live ahead of when they were supposed to.

The fact that all three pages went live and contained specific descriptions talking about each’s arrival on Switch is pretty surefire that this is going to happen. The only nugget of information still in question would be that of the release date. While it seems likely that they’ll all come out today, this could have been an error, even though I doubt that will be the case.

Perhaps the most interesting wrinkle in all of this though is that the original three DOOM titles coming to Switch potentially adds credence to the rumor that Doom Guy (or Doom Slayer) could be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For months now, some claiming to have knowledge of Nintendo’s plans have said that the iconic demon-slaying character will be coming to Ultimate as DLC down the road. While that has yet to be confirmed, the fact that the first three DOOM games are coming to Switch seems to continue to show how closely Nintendo and Bethesda have been working together.

Anyway, if all three DOOM titles do end up releasing today, we should know soon enough directly from Bethesda. QuakeCon 2019’s keynote address will start today at 12pm EST/9am PST.