DOOM Can Be Played Entirely by the Power of Potatoes. Yes, You’ve Read That Right.

YouTuber Equalo sets himself a challenge to run DOOM solely by using the power of potatoes.

October 12, 2020

People have been trying to get video games to run on a whole matter of devices and lately, we’ve seen how DOOM can (sorta) run on a home pregnancy tester. But have you ever thought, while tucking into your dinner of mash potatoes or McDonald’s fries, that what you have before you could power an actual video game? Probably not, right? but those little simple belly fillers that are dug up from the dirt are pretty multitalented and have proven their worth by being able to power the much-loved DOOM on the most basic of devices – a calculator (and you thought being able to spell boobs on it was top tier entertainment).


YouTuber Equalo, who endeavors in anything that’s creative, has constructed a video that shows how he takes your simple, no messing around potato and turns it into a video game powered machine with the help of a calculator. You may be asking yourself “how the heck could a potato run anything other than keeping my hunger at bay?” Well, potatoes have phosphoric acid so if you place any object that contains zinc and you happen to want to stick it into a potato, the phosphoric acid reacts with the zinc and turns it into energy. Without going into too much high school science here, potatoes contain potassium and electrolytes so if you have a copper conductor also stuck into your tattie, you can harness the power of electricity.

Equalo decided to set himself a challenge, to run DOOM solely by the power of the potatoes but first he had to see how much power one potato would produce and for those nerdy folk who are interested, one spud puts out around .9 volts and 11 spuds cut in half puts out 3.7 volts. Of course, this wasn’t enough to run DOOM so 770 potatoes pieces later, Equalo had the desired amount to (hopefully) run the game. Spending almost every waking hour boiling and sorting out potatoes that lined his garage floor, Equalo wired up the unsuspecting tatters ready to test. After a few failed attempts and questioning whether this would actually work, Equalo entered his garage again that was by now had the overwhelming stench of rotting potatoes.

Hooking up a calculator via wires to the potatoes, Equalo’s state of mind was that if this didn’t work, then he would stop trying. Calculator in hand, DOOM actually powered on and he could jump straight into the action without any issues. Although by this stage, he hates potatoes now and doesn’t suggest that anyone tries it for themselves but that being from Idaho, he reckons that he will come face to face with one sooner rather than later. We know who to call when the apocalypse comes and all we want to do is play some video games. Thank you Equalo for your service!

You can check out the entire video of Equalo’s potato adventure in the video below and also make sure to check out his YouTuber channel right here.

In case you haven’t heard, DOOM Eternal has officially landed onto Xbox Game Pass. Last month, the official Twitter account for Xbox Game Pass teased a message with a hidden line reading “The Slayer is Coming.” which obviously indicated that this would be happening before it officially happened. If you still haven’t played DOOM Eternal just yet, Bethesda has also already confirmed that the game will be heading to next-gen consoles in PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year. For those who pick up the Series X/S, you should be able to freely play Eternal on those systems as well via Game Pass once they release.


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