Doom Soundtrack’s Final Easter Egg Found Two Years After Release

Doom Soundtrack’s Final Easter Egg Found Two Years After Release

"You could not have saved them anyway."

It is known that there are five hidden easter eggs in Mick Gordon’s Doom soundtrack. However, there have only been a total of four found… until now! That’s right, the fifth and final easter egg has been found a little over two years after Doom‘s release back in 2016.

The easter egg was found by Nick White where he shared his discovery on Twitter. It turns out there is a hidden message in the song “Authorization; Olivia Pierce,” the seventh track on the Doom soundtrack. By using the music software Ableton, White increased the pitch of the song around the 50-second mark. After the big swell starts to fade, you can hear Olivia Pierce herself say, “You could not have saved them anyway,” a quote she actually makes in the game.

I do not have Ableton so I was not able to confirm this for myself. I did try to see if I could hear any breaks in the audio around that part of the song and I couldn’t. How White even thought to increase the pitch is beyond me. However, Mick Gordon quote tweeted White’s tweet confirming that the final Doom soundtrack easter egg had finally been found.

So, what are the other four easter eggs? Three of the four involve using a spectral frequency display to view it. By doing so on the songs “Cyberdemon,” “Authorization; Olivia Pierce,” and “SkullHacker,” you can find hidden images of a pentagram and 666, the number 36, and John Romero’s head on a pike respectively. The fourth easter egg, which can be found in the song “IV. Doom,” is similar to this one in which it is a hidden message rather than an image. However, by switching a certain part to mono and then reversing the sound, you can hear a woman say, “Jesus loves you.”

In recent Mick Gordon news, the composer had put out a call for anyone to audition for a heavy metal choir. This group of people would be helping Gordon create more music for a new game he is working on.

Doom is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You could also buy a physical version of the soundtrack via Laced Records. If you want to see what DualShockers thinks of the frenetic first-person shooter, you can check out the review. If you ask me, this is probably the best game within the past 10 years.