This DOOM Themed Office Would Make You Want to Stay at Work

This DOOM Themed Office Would Make You Want to Stay at Work

A Doom themed office party was organized at a financial company in San Diego where the entire floor had been kitted out in homage to the long-standing franchise

Most of us have had some kind of experience working in an office and personally speaking, it’s not the most joyful place on earth. With its clinical decor, squeaky chairs, and morgue-type atmosphere you literally can’t wait to get home or basically anywhere else. But what if your office was a fun place to be? Unheard of, right? Wrong, well at least at this office in San Diego who turned their entire department floor into a DOOM themed office party because office folk actually do like to have fun sometimes. I know, shocker.

At the LPL Financial in San Diego – which is the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer company – they decided to inject some gaming culture into their workspace and opted for the first-person shooter franchise DOOM to cheer the workers up…wise choice and good taste. In the video that you can watch below, we first see the iconic DOOM screen attached to the office hallway wall (points are taken off for not smashing it though) as the camera pans in towards the office, the whole place is draped in a red glow – I bet you some office know-it-all cried out “Can someone turn the lights back on, I can’t see my keyboard to do some work here!”

Would an office really be an office without at least one of these types of people?

Whoever organized this Doomed office had to be a fan of the game given how precise they are with the supplies that are scattered around – even adding in a Medikit, ammo, and other items in the hall for effect. Apparently, this specific company does this on each floor of the building with a different theme every year – I doubt a lot of work gets done, but I’m sure it makes for happier employees and lifts the atmosphere too. Office managers take note!

Last year at QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda and id Software showcased the first gameplay footage of the upcoming sequel DOOM Eternal. Although there is still no set date as yet, we can expect it at some stage this year. When DOOM Eternal does release, it’ll be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.