Doom VFR Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Bethesda E3 2017 Conference

Doom VFR Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Bethesda E3 2017 Conference

Bethesda has announced a new VR title in development in the form of Doom VFR, a new game by id Software.

At their E3 press conference tonight, Bethesda provided some new details on its endeavors into virtual reality. Specifically, the company announced that two games are currently in development, one of which is Doom VFR.

Doom VFR takes players into the world of Doom behind the power of virtual reality in PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms. The new title has been developed by id Software, and appears to be brand new content in the Doom universe.

In Doom VFR, players control an unnamed cybernetically enhanced human being brought back to life with an artificial brain. This being has been programmed to do one thing: fight through a demonic invasion on Mars. The game is intended to allow players to play through Doom‘s world “from an entirely new perspective.”

The trailer below features a pair of floating hands and some Mancubus coming towards the screen at quite a pace. As for what ‘VFR‘ stands for? The leading theory is that it’s “Virtual Reality” with a certain expletive serving as the jelly in that acronym sandwich.

id Software developed a reboot of Doom with its 2016 release of the first-person shooter following an unnamed space marine as he battles through the forces of Hell. The game’s last piece of official DLC was released in December 2016 as a pack of three multiplayer maps.

Most recently, id Software has been responsible for developing Rage and is in the process of also developing Quake Champions.

Interested in learning more about Doom VFR? Check out Bethesda’s official website for details or take a gander at the gameplay trailer provided below.