DOOM VFR’s Latest Update Adds Smooth Locomotion and Windows Mixed Reality Support

DOOM VFR’s Latest Update Adds Smooth Locomotion and Windows Mixed Reality Support

Bethesda has released a patch for the PC version of DOOM VFR, which introduces Smooth Locomotion as well as support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Last year, Bethesda spoiled the virtual reality gaming community by bringing three of its most popular games into VR, with DOOM VFR being one of them. That being said, this week, the Maryland-based publisher has added a new update to the PC version of the title, which addresses several issues and introduces a few new features.

According to the publisher, one of the most significant gameplay changes introduces into the game is the ability to play the game with Smooth Locomotion. Aside from adding a new control option in the game, several additional details for Smooth Locomotion have also been added, including speed options for the Smooth Locomotion movement, as well as an option to jump and dash while playing with Smooth locomotion.

The new update also introduces a Weapon Pitch option to adjust the angle of your weapon, the Jump action being added to the control scheme, and addresses an issue with discoloring seen on some HMDs. Lastly, the new patch also allows users who own a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset to play the game (sorry, Oculus Rift owners).

For more information on the title, check out the demanding PC configuration requirements needed to run the game, along with its official launch trailer, which features various snippets of gameplay, and in case you missed it, check out my editorial on DOOM VFR I did early last month.

DOOM VFR is available now on HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Windows Mixed Reality.