DOOM’s Gorgeous Reverse Cover Sleeve Chosen in “#VoteLikeHell” Fan Poll

DOOM’s Gorgeous Reverse Cover Sleeve Chosen in “#VoteLikeHell” Fan Poll

Following the reveal of the official cover art for Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming revival of DOOM this May, the studio recently held a fan vote (aka “#VoteLikeHell”) for a reversible cover art to adorn the game’s box instead of the standard box art, with a winner in the contest having been chosen.

Bethesda Softworks officially revealed the winner of its fan poll for the reversible cover sleeve art for DOOM on Twitter, with the company offering two different cover art options in its “#VoteLikeHell” poll.

After the poll’s opening last week, the final results came in today with the poll’s “option B” being the winner, with the cover being a pretty nice (and gorgeous) throwback to the box art of the original DOOM title.

The poll collected a total of 62, 126 votes, with option B claiming a pretty even 2/3 majority with 68% of the votes, and the A option claiming 32%. The winning art will be the inside cover artwork, allowing those that purchase a physical copy of the game to reverse the cover for alternative artwork.

DOOM releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13th, 2016 – the winning artwork for the game’s reversible cover can be seen above.