Killhouse Games Announces the Much-Anticipated Door Kickers 2

Killhouse Games Announces the Much-Anticipated Door Kickers 2

Door Kickers 2, like the original, meshes excellent tactical gameplay with a top-down perspective. The game comes to early access later this year.

The original Door Kickers is an excellent tactical game that was met with critical praise on release. That was 2014, and fans of the game have long awaited the announcement of the next game in the series. Today, those fans get their wish as developer Killhouse Games put out a trailer for Door Kickers 2: Task Force North. Check it out.

Obviously, there isn’t a ton to go off of in a 45-second trailer. However, this does confirm that Door Kickers 2 will, like the original, be a top-down tactical game. The real-time gameplay with the option to pause and plan out movements makes these games feel a bit like the modern-day equivalent of classic Rainbow Six games. You can’t just burst in guns blazing. You need to enter combat with a plan, but also be willing and able to adapt on the fly when circumstances force your plan to change. It was a thrilling experience in the original version, and this trailer gives no reasons to expect anything different from the follow-up.

Door Kickers 2 also boasts a ton of customization. You’ll have multiple character types to play with and several options for making your weapons unique to you. Plus, the game includes a beefy mission editor. That means players can (and likely will) create a plethora of custom maps for you to play through. That nearly endless option for replayability makes this a game to watch.

Door Kickers 2: Task Force North launches into early access during Q2 of this year. Killhouse plans to keep the game in early access for at least a year to iron out gameplay and make improvements based on player feedback. Like the original, the game will initially release on just PC. However, the first Door Kickers later came to Linux, Mac, and mobile. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this does as well.