Dota 2 Documentary by Valve Is Coming to Theaters Next Month Highlighting The International 2018

Dota 2 Documentary by Valve Is Coming to Theaters Next Month Highlighting The International 2018

Valve is releasing a documentary for The International Dota 2 championships next month that will also hit theaters in Copenhagen.

After winning this year’s Dota 2 championships, The International, it looks like Team OG is getting a documentary to record their historic victory. Valve is releasing the documentary, titled True Sight, in Copenhagen on January 15 for a special screening with the team.

The documentary takes people into the action of The International finals between Team OG and Paris Saint Germain’s Dota 2 team. The trailer shows the stress and scale of what these two teams went through as they battled it out on the big stage for the world to see. From the trailer, it looks like Valve got really close and personal with the cameras to get all of the players’ and coaches’ reactions and dialogue. We even get a hint of saltiness from the video, featuring one player slamming his hands on the keyboard in a mad fashion. Here’s to hoping we don’t hear too many mechanical keyboards clicking at once throughout the documentary, however.

For a better idea of how the documentary plays out, you can watch the previous year’s edition of True Sight on YouTube. With only word of the Copenhagen screening, there’s no news on to any additional screenings across the country. So unless you’re reading this from Denmark, you might have to settle for watching True Sight on YouTube.

In other Dota 2 news, Valve is still recovering from the Chongqing Controversy and how that would impact the next International. Thankfully, a recent statement from Valve and made it clear that The International will not have the player restrictions that players are expecting in Chongqing Major. Any settling of controversy for Valve is worthwhile, given they are already receiving some flack for banning games with alleged “child exploitation” on Steam — a situation that is affecting a fair amount of content creators out of the blue.

Dota 2 is currently available exclusively for PC. Check out the trailer for True Sight below: