Dota 2 Gets its “First Blood” with New Patch Coming Next Week

Dota 2 Gets its “First Blood” with New Patch Coming Next Week

Dota 2 fans, get ready: you’re about to get a whole bunch of new updates waiting for you early next week.

Valve is raring to launch a new update for its very popular and fiercely competitive free-to-play MOBA with added functionality and various updates to the gameplay. Called “First Blood,” the new patch will be releasing on Monday, September 23rd with the following major improvements and added features:

– Lobbies formed over LAN and local multiplayer

– Captain’s Draft: a new game mode where players will take turns “drafting” from a random assortment of 24 Heroes until they fill their rosters for the match to begin.

– Player’s Backpacks are now “The Armory”: improved filtering system and selection for items, allowing for better organization of a player’s backpack and selecting items by “type, quality, and rarity”

Alongside the new patch, Dota 2 is also adding some new items and features to its store: namely, a “Portal Pack” featuring an AI-version of GLaDOS to conveniently tell you (and insult you) when your buildings have fallen, along with other Portal-themed skins and extras for the game. The patch will also bring some new treasures and bonuses to the Dota 2 Store with abundant new armor, weapons, masks, and other extras for discovering.

Alongside a host of bug fixes and other smaller tweaks, the patch will definitely add some more edge to the already competitive Dota 2 come Monday when “First Blood” hits.