Dota 2 Patch 6.82 Arrives; Reworks Bloodseeker, Phantom Lancer and More

Dota 2 Patch 6.82 Arrives; Reworks Bloodseeker, Phantom Lancer and More

Dota 2 has been updated today to patch 6.82 after some teasing on the official website earlier today.

The new patch brings about a significant amount of change, mainly to do with the map. Lane paths and river way have been slightly altered to move the Roshan NPC pit to a new location and hopefully make it more balanced for both teams on the map. This change is probably one of the biggest alterations to Dota 2‘s map since the game has been in beta.

Two heroes are also getting major reworks. Bloodseeker, long seen as a bottom tier character, has had two abilities reworked to give him a new damage amplification active ability and an area of effect silence move that should increase his utility. Phantom Lancer, who once reigned supreme as an incredibly powerful carry a year and a half ago before shifts in the meta game dramatically reduced his effectiveness, is also getting a rework. Three of his abilities have been changed to give him the ability to phase throw creep in-order to chase down enemies more effectively, a new illusion place swapping abilty to create confusion for escapes and his ultimate now gives a much better chance to create illusions.

Runes have been altered to spawn two at a time in the river instead of only one at a random end. This change introduces a new rune called the bounty rune that provides bonus gold and experience, always spawning as one of the two runes. Shadow Fiend has also received a new look and a sweet Arcana item set to round out the major changes.

For a full list of changes you can head over to the Dota 2 official website to see all the tweaks coming to your favorite heroes and items.