DOTA 2 to Remain Free to Play, Added to Steam Workshop

on June 1, 2012 11:30 AM

Valve has posted a new blog filling us in on some information regarding DOTA 2 that will certainly please fans. The most important part is that the game is and always will be free to play with an note that they said “free to play”, not “pay to win”. That’s right kids, even though DOTA 2 will feature an in-game store, all purchases contained within will be purely cosmetic and will not affect the core game in any way. Most noticeably they note that all heroes will always be free.

In addition to this it’s been announced that the game has been added to the Steam Workshop. The system will work just like it does in Team Fortress 2, though if you’re not familiar there’s an additional link on that blog with more information. While we already knew (or at least figured) the free to play part of this it’s nice to have an official confirmation and the Steam Workshop news is certainly very welcome in ensuring the game has a long life support!

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