Dota Auto Chess Adds a Custom Game Pass for Cosmetics and Win Bonuses

Dota Auto Chess Adds a Custom Game Pass for Cosmetics and Win Bonuses

Dota Auto Chess gets a $1 premium pass that gives players access to various cosmetics and quality of life improvements.

Dota Auto Chess has been blowing up since its release earlier this year. As of last month, the Dota 2 mod had over eight million unique players. The team at Drodo Studio recently soft-launched their standalone mobile version and Valve is hard at work creating their own standalone PC version that plays off of Drodo’s original mod. The popularity is obviously there, so it was no surprise when Drodo announced a new custom game pass for the Dota 2 mod.

The pass will only cost $1 for 30 days access to the various cosmetic and win bonus items. The devs stress that all of the game’s content “will remain available to free tier players”. Instead, this premium tier gives those players some quality of life improvements and gives them a way to support development.

When you buy the pass you’ll get a golden border around your avatar, along with golden effects on your chat messages and damage projectiles. When you purchase your first pass, you’ll get a Baby Roshan courier to use as your chess player. You will also get bonus candy (Auto Chess’ form of microtransactions) for your first top placement and/or win each day. Further, if you have a premium pass, you’ll get to vote for things like new chess pieces and which pieces need to be rebalanced.

All of these cosmetic and quality of life benefits seem relatively small; however, I think the real draw here is a new way to support Drodo. They’ve created one of the more popular games to come out in 2019 and it’s only right for them to be rewarded for their work.

Dota Auto Chess is available now on PC. If you’d like to support the people who made it, go ahead and pick up the new pass.