Dota Underlords Introduces Free Proto Pass – A Prototype Battle Pass

Dota Underlords Introduces Free Proto Pass – A Prototype Battle Pass

Dota Underlords is getting the Proto Pass, a free battle pass that gives players new cosmetic rewards for playing the game.

The Auto Chess genre has absolutely blown up over the last six months or so. What started as a mod for Dota 2 has quickly become one of the hottest commodities in gaming. Much like what happened when Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds popularized Battle Royale, numerous developers are trying to hop in on the craze and build a player base. Valve’s standalone effort is Dota Underlords, which has so far been pretty popular. The still-in-development game is now getting a free battle pass that includes a variety of cosmetic unlocks.

The Proto Pass functions easily enough. For every multiplayer or hardcore bot game you play in Underlords, you’ll earn XP. You can speed up the process even more by completing different daily quests. It’s all standard stuff, but it will be interesting to see how quickly you’ll move through the various ranks.

For rewards, you can expect to unlock quite a few different things. Everyone who reaches level 5 will get a new board to play on, which is probably the most substantial reward. You’ll also get new win streak and respawn effects, along with new banners, fireworks, standards, yo’s, and portrait rings. It’s not the most exciting list of rewards, but for the first effort in a game that’s still being worked on, it doesn’t look too bad.

As Underlords moves closer to full release, I would expect the rewards to greatly increase in quality. Especially when the team adds the ability to choose your persona, it’s easy to see Valve putting tons of skins into the game.

You can try out the Proto Pass for yourself as Dota Underlords is freely available on Android, iOS, and PC.