Dotemu Releases Statement on Streets of Rage 4 Physical Editions

Streets of Rage 4 developer Dotemu is trying to make right by people that ordered physical editions of the game through Limited Run Games.

May 12, 2020

If you’ve been excitedly waiting for Streets of Rage 4 since its announcement, you probably ordered a physical copy of the game. You know, something nice to put on a shelf and show off. Sadly, if you ordered a physical copy from Limited Run Games, you’ve probably been waiting for a while. Now, a newly released statement from developer Dotemu clarifies what happened with those physical editions and what folks that purchased them can do.

According to the statement given, multiple mistakes in planning have prevented Dotemu from getting the game into customers’ hands. These mistakes apparently stemmed from the non-US target market for physical copies. Dotemu goes on to clarify that any missteps taken were on their part and had nothing to do with Limited Run Games. The company then apologized, saying “We underestimated demand of fans and we made a misstep when it came to timing and delivery of the physical releases. We apologize for this, to Limited Run and to the fans (both theirs and ours) and will do better next time.”


For what it’s worth, Dotemu seems to be genuinely owning up to any mistakes made here. Past that though, the company clearly wants to make things right. For players that ordered a copy of the game through Limited Run, the two companies will be making compensations available. If you ordered the game’s limited edition, you can expect an email soon from Limited Run Games with a steam key for the game attached. Not only that – all orders of Streets of Rage 4 will receive a complimentary unique CD of the game’s OST, including a remix from composer Tee Lopes.


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