Double Cross Lands on Nintendo Switch with Colorful New Trailer

Double Cross Lands on Nintendo Switch with Colorful New Trailer

Fun characters, bright colors, and 2D shenanigans are the name of the game in Double Cross' Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of all things. It’s a handheld, but it’s also a home console. It has a controller, but that also splits into two smaller controllers. It packs big budget AAA titles such as 2016’s Doom and the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11, but many might argue that what it does best is house a torrent of fantastic indie titles. The most recent of which is the colorful action adventure game Double Cross.

Double Cross from Toronto based studio 13am Games, the team behind Runbow, places you in the shoes of Zahra Sinclair; a law enforcer tasked with keeping the peace on an interdimensional scale. While keeping the crime level down is her number one priority as an agent of RIFT (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology), her job also sees her traversing 2D cities and combating foes head-on.


In her quest to stop a devious suspect who has raided RIFT’s headquarters, Zahra must gather clues and piece together the events of the crime. To do this, she must converse with other eccentric characters through the game’s brightly lit multiverse.

Of course, no 2D action platformer would be complete without memorable bosses, and Double Cross appears to have them in spades. The trailer below gives you a taste of what kind of enemies are in store for Zahra; showcasing an enormous fire breathing dragon decked out in 1980s’ heavy metal attire and a showdown with a gargantuan manic machine.

Double Cross is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Before diving into your interdimensional adventure, be sure to check out our review.