Double Cross Announced for PC and Nintendo Switch by Runbow Developers

Double Cross Announced for PC and Nintendo Switch by Runbow Developers

Runbow developer 13AM Games has unveiled Double Cross, a new sci-fi action platformer for PC and Nintendo Switch that's coming out this Summer.

13AM Games has risen to popularity in recent years after they released Runbow, one of the most successful indie games on the Wii U’s eShop. Today, the developer finally revealed the next game they are working on, and it is an action platformer for PC and Nintendo Switch called Double Cross.

Double Cross is being published with the help of Graffiti Games. 13AM Games is also aiming for a Summer release, so their fans won’t have to wait too long. Double Cross follows the story Zahra, who is an agent for the Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology, also known as R.I.F.T., who is investigating a recent attack on the organization’s headquarters.

Outside of typical platform, gameplay in Double Cross also consists of grappling throughout various tricky environments and throwing objects at enemies. According to the game’s developers, players will be able to choose what order they play the levels in, and can give Zahra various unique upgrades, adding tons of replayability. Alex Rushdy, CEO of 13AM Games, had the following to say about Double Cross:

“We designed Double Cross to accommodate a variety of gameplay styles thanks to our adventure gameplay and unique upgrade system. We want gamers to find the style that suits them best, while also adapting to any challenges that arise. Players are free to customize the way they play and choose how and in what order they play levels.”

You can check out the announcement trailer alongside some screenshots of the game below. Double Cross is expected to release on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer.