Double Fine Hints at Possibility of Brutal Legend Sequel, Depends on Psychonaut 2’s Crowdfunding Success

on December 7, 2015 10:38 AM

Developer Double Fine Studios has always been known for its charming and quirky adventure and action games, with one of last generation’s most memorable being its action-strategy game Brutal Legend, and while it has been quite some time since its release in 2009, Double Fine’s more recent ventures in crowdfunding may lead to more iterations of its well-revered titles.

Following last week’s reveal of Psychonauts 2 at The Game Awards 2015, Double Fine Studios’ Fig campaign for the game updated with an FAQ to address some of the more common questions being presented by those backing or looking to back the game’s development, with one particular item on the FAQ section addressing fan questions to a Brutal Legend sequel.

From Double Fine on the Psychonauts 2 Fig campaign page, the studio detailed:

“We’ve always said that we wanted to make sequels to both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. We can’t make any promises but if Psychonauts is a success for us, then perhaps Brutal Legend 2 will be more possible?”

While Double Fine isn’t 100% committing itself to a Brutal Legend sequel at any time for the immediate future, the studio is at least acknowledging that the company is seeking to return to some of its most beloved titles like Psychonauts and Brutal Legend.

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