Double Fine Kicks Off Their Annual Amnesia Fortnight, One Prototype Designed by the Creator of Adventure Time

on February 7, 2014 12:20 AM

Double Fine has today begun their annual Amnesia Fortnight, an event where all of Double Fine stops work on their existing projects and comes up with completely new concepts. Employees are split up into seperate “teams,” each lead by one designer and are tasked with coming up with a prototype game.

The idea is to stimulate fresh ideas, with 2010’s Costume Quest coming out of one such Amnesia Fortnight.

This time around, once of the team leads will be creator of Adventure Time Pendleton Ward.

Double Fine is also giving followers of the event a bit more say in what games are produced, although you do have to pay your way in.

During the first week, paying $1.00 allows you to decide which prototypes Double Fine works on, while a payment of $7.10 will allow you to vote which prototype Pendleton Ward has control of.

Paying any price will also get you access to both the 2012 and final 2014 prototypes.

The event will have livestreams and daily recaps over at the Humble Bundle site.