Microsoft Sounds Open to Remastering Double Fine's Back Catalog of Games

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty mentioned that Microsoft's acquisition of Double Fine could allow them to bring forward some of the developer's past work.

One of the biggest moments of E3 2019 for Microsoft was again announcing another studio acquisition, this time that of Double Fine. While the developer is still actively working on Psychonauts 2 and RAD, it seems that in the future, the prospect of bringing some of its noteworthy past releases to modern platforms might not be out of the question.

During a panel at E3 Coliseum, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty was asked what goes into the process of acquiring studios and what it is that Microsoft is looking for from these developers once they enter the fold. Booty stated that most of the time Microsoft likes to see what it is that these developers are actively looking to create before deciding how to move forward, but also implied that this process works on a case by case basis. He then signaled out Double Fine in particular and mentioned why they’re somewhat of a special case when it comes to deciding what to work on in the future due to their extensive list of past IP.

“Particularly in the case of something like Double Fine, there’s such an existing library of things,” Booty said. “We could bring some of those forward, we could do remasters and things.”

Of course, just because Booty is suggesting that Double Fine could remaster some of its past games doesn’t mean that this is guaranteed to happen. Still, with a history of work that contains games like Brutal LegendPsychonautsStacking, and so many others, it’s exciting to know that some of these classics could one day get a fresh coat of paint.

You can check out the full conversation from Booty attached down below. Currently, Double Fine’s next project is that of RAD and will launch this AugustPsychonauts 2, on the other hand, will now arrive at some point in 2020.

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