Double Helix’s Battleship Game Isn’t Based on the Movie

on February 8, 2012 4:00 PM

As the release of this summer’s Battleship draws near, Hasbro and Activision have announced that they’re collaborating on a game loosely based on a movie that’s loosely based on a board game. Mark Blecher, the toy company’s senior vice president says it’s a way to take the Battleship brand and give it a “modern-day spin.” And what’s more modern than aliens, right?

Players will alternate between overhead tactical gameplay reminiscent of the board game and first-person on-the-beach action reminiscent of, well, most war shooters. Double Helix is tasked with developing the game, which will see a release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with other versions available for the Wii and both DS and 3DS handhelds. We’ve got a trailer for you after the jump.

Interestingly, the Nintendo iterations of the title are rated E10+ with their PS3 and 360 counterparts meriting a T. I guess hi-def alien blasting kicks things up a notch. The game’s story will be a complement to the film that’s due for a May 18 release. All five versions of the title will be available three days earlier on May 15.

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