Doujin Mecha Game Wing of Darkness Will be Coming to PS4

Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness, indie mecha game by Production Exabilities, will be receiving a PlayStation 4 release along with PC.

January 29, 2019

Production Exabilities announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness will receive a PlayStation 4 release along with its already planned PC release.

Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness is described by Production Exabilities as a “High-Speed Flight Shooting Game”. The game stars the Fräulein, girls who trained to become weapons and pilots of winged mecha. The Fräulein revealed so far are Klara Ernst, voiced by Kiyono Yasuno, and Erika Loerzer, voiced by Chihira Mochida. Together, they fight against mysterious flying enemies called “Blanker”. Basically, you’ve got a mecha, you can freely dash in all directions, lock-on tons of enemies and shoot at all of them at once, so it must definitely be fun. You’ve got unlimited ammunition too. The character design and artworks are really nice and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the game’s story.


Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and also features a plugin called “trueSKY” which allows the game to include dynamic weather.

Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness is what we call a Doujin game, as in, a Japanese indie game. Production Exabilities is an independent group, and they were initially only planning to release the game on PC, like most doujin games. Other platforms were in consideration and today, they announced they partnered up with UNTIES Games, the publishing label of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, which will help them release the game on PlayStation 4.

Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness looks quite promising and it won the Best Indie Game Award from Japanese site 4Gamer during Tokyo Game Show 2018. In terms of gameplay and feelings of piloting a mecha, it’ll be really interesting to see how the game will compare with other similar works from Zone of the Enders to Strike Suit Zero.

As it is the case with many doujin games, Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness already received a trial version. It was sold at Comiket 94 in August 2018. You can also buy it digitally on Gumroad.

The game also has an English translation planned, and the trial version playable during Taipei Game Show 2019 in January 2019 could be played in English.

Stay tuned as more information on Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness will be available when this week’s Famitsu has been released on January 31. For now, you can take a look at artwork and screenshots from the official site, and the game’s official trailers. You can check Production Exabilities’ official Twitter as well.

Yuyoku no Fräulein Wing of Darkness will launch for PC on May 2019. The PlayStation 4 version has no release estimate for now.

Iyane Agossah

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