Down the Rabbit Hole Brings Wonderland to VR in March

Down the Rabbit Hole, a prequel to Alice In Wonderland from Cortopia Studios, is coming to VR headsets March 26.

Down the Rabbit Hole VR from Cortopia Studios will release on March 26, 2020, for PSVR, Oculus Quest/Rift/ and Steam VR platforms. The VR adventure game will act as a prequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. It’s the second VR game from the team that created Wands will retail for $19.99.

The term “Down the Rabbit Hole” has become synonymous with entering a surreal state or situation, a feeling we often get while playing video games. So it should come as no surprise that video games often allude to the beloved characters and events of Alice in Wonderland. The literary classic has been referenced in games like Far Cry 3, Modern Warfare 3, and the excellent Alice and Alice: Madness Returns from American McGee. The visual story that has been captivating audiences since 1865 seems a natural fit for VR.

Down the Rabbit Hole takes place before the events of Alice In Wonderland where you find a young girl searching for her lost pet Patches who has run off to Wonderland. You will guide her through the mysterious and strange diorama version of Wonderland where you will encounter new and familiar characters. Along the way, you will be tasked to make choices about the story, uncover secrets and solve puzzles in this original VR adventure.

Down the Rabbit Hole will be published by Beyond Frames Entertainment and chief strategist Ola Björling couldn’t be more excited about the game. “We are all very excited for players to experience our interpretation of the magical and mythical world that Carroll created and look forward to delighting players with many surprise encounters, challenging puzzles and hidden secrets as they explore our miniature Wonderland diorama,” Björling said. “It’s truly a Wonderland experience, and we cannot wait to share our creation with gamers and see their reactions when the game launches in March.”

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