Download the New Fortress of Solitude Game Update for DCUO Today

By Tyler Christensen

August 3, 2011

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to go inside of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude? Well, now is your chance. In the latest update of DC Universe Online, you’ll be able to join up Superman and Lex Luthor to fight off Brainiac in the Fortress of Solitude. This is a first of a three-part combat raid for which will feature an eight-man group as you follow Superman and Lex Luthor to try an defeat Brainiac. You’ll earn Marks of Krypton that are good for purchasing new gear in the Watchtower of Hall of Doom. The Fortress of Solitude game update will also include new gear like three Kryptonian-inspired armor sets, heroes’ suits with Superman’s “S” logo (villians will have a “Z” for Zod), and two Brainiac inspired PvP armor set. There will also be a Fortress of Solitude PvP Deathmatch Arena where you can test your skills alongside seven other friends.

That’s not just all that you’ll receive with The Fortress of Solitude game update, there are also new Hard Mode Alerts which will require four people and offers Tier 2 gear. The Batcave Raid, which launched with the game will be available in a four-player Batcave Group Combat Raid Hard Mode.

The Fortress of Solitude game update is now available for download.

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