Downwell Creator Ojiro Fumoto is Now Working For Nintendo

Downwell Creator Ojiro Fumoto is Now Working For Nintendo

Downwell's creator Ojiro Fumoto revealed today that he has gotten a job at Nintendo, and has pledged to do his best there.

While I don’t play too many mobile games, one title I keep installed on my phone and constantly return to is Downwell. I just found something super addicting about this vertically scrolling shooter’s simple by responsive and rewarding control. This roguelike title found immense success when it launched on iOS and PC in 2015, and proceeded to release on Android, PS Vita, and PS4 the next year. Today, the game’s creator, Ojiro Fumoto, revealed the next step in his career on Twitter:

Translated by DualShockers’ very own Giuseppe Nelva, this Tweet confirms Fumoto-san has gotten a job at one of the most respected companies in the industry: Nintendo. Additionally, he also pledges to do his best in this new position:

“I got a job at Nintendo! I will do my best〜”

For those of you who aren’t aware, Ojiro Fumoto is the sole developer at Moppin and created Downwell with publishing assistance by Devolver Digital in 2015. Fumoto-san’s new job at Nintendo leaves the fate of both Moppin and Downwell up in the air, as we don’t know whether he’ll develop indie games via Moppin on the side, or if he even still retains the rights to Downwell.

If he does still own the rights to the game, it would be cool to see Downwell come to Nintendo Switch, as the game’s vertical style could adapt itself well to the Switch’s screen in handheld mode. Now we just have to wait and see what he is working on at Nintendo.

If you want to try out Downwell, out can currently do so on Android, iOS, PC, PS Vita, and PS4.