Downwell Trophies Focus on Arcade Action in New Trophy Listing

on May 23, 2016 11:45 AM

Downwell is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, offering one of the most affordable platinums ($4.99) — if you have the skill to earn it. The classically inspired title tasks players to descend a randomly generated well .

The twenty three trophies associated with the game include one platinum, seven gold, ten silver, and five bronze trophies. The game comes with crossbuy, so those picking up the title will get it on both systems. Check out the full trophy list below:


  • “Down Well” — Completed all other trophies.


  • “Clean Boots” — Complete an area without landing.
  • “So Many Frogs” — Beat the first area (hard mode).
  • “So Many Ghosts” — Beat the second area (hard mode).
  • “So Many Squids” — Beat the third area (hard mode).
  • “So Much Stuff” — Beat the fourth area (hard mode).
  • “Well Master” — Beat the boss (hard mode).
  • “Frugality” — Have more than 5000 gems.


  • “Masterful Descent” — Complete an area without taking damage.
  • “Bye Frogs” — Beat the first area.
  • “Bye Ghosts” — Beat the second area.
  • “Bye Squids” — Beat the third area.
  • “Bye Stuff” — Beat the fourth area.
  • “Bye Well” — Beat the boss.
  • “Pacifist” — Complete a level without killing any enemy.
  • “Ground Allergy” — Complete a level without landing.
  • “Sugoi Combo” — Land a 100 combo.
  • “Saving Up” — Have more than 3000 gems.


  • “Careful Descent” — Complete a level without taking damage.
  • “Time Never Stops” — Complete a level without visiting siderooms.
  • “Mottainai” — Complete a level without shooting.
  • “Wow Combo” — Land a 10 combo.
  • “Whoa Combo” — Land a 30 combo.
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