Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Launches Today Along With a New Trailer

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Launches Today Along With a New Trailer

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training just launched today and the brand new trailer showcases all the games and features, both old and new.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, which was revealed back in September through the official Japanese Nintendo Youtube account, finally launches today for Nintendo Switch. The trailer that released along with said launch is a combination of the two Japanese trailers that previously released,which shows off the classic games from the original Nintendo DS as well as games that feature brand new mechanics:

The trailer shows off not only some new exercises heading to the game but also a stylus which comes with the physical version. Interestingly, one of the exercises showcased features the IR sensor available on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons being used to capture your hand. A feature that wouldn’t work on the newly launched Nintendo Switch Lite as there is no IR functionality available.

Not only do we see the IR-sensor focused on in action in that regard, but in another game that uses the Joy-Cons to let two players go head-to-head and count objects, as well as some examples of how the stylus can be used to directly write and choose your answers on the screen. We see a memory game where players will have to select the previous picture, then remember the new picture as more pictures come into play. There’s even a Dr. Mario themed minigame called Germ Buster, which is meant to unwind players after a long day of training their brains.

As usual, the game offers you a graph showing your brain’s “age” and performance when you’ve finished your training. This serves as players’ incentive to keep up with their training in order to improve performance and decrease that age value, which essentially means that your brain is operating at a younger level.

A huge surprise is the reveal of the World Brain Training Championship, which pits friends and family against each other in rankings to see who can score the highest in the various games. Players also have the option to share the results of their daily brain training either through email or through their Nintendo Switch Online family group. And for those who may need that extra daily reminder, you can set an alarm that works even when the Switch is in sleep mode.