Dragalia Lost Has Lowest Nintendo Mobile Game Debut With $3 Million Revenue in First 5 Days

Dragalia Lost Has Lowest Nintendo Mobile Game Debut With $3 Million Revenue in First 5 Days

Dragalia Lost has made $3 million in revenue within its first five days on iOS and Android, but still trails behind previous mobile games from Nintendo.

Last week, Nintendo and Cygames partnered to release Dragalia Lost, a new IP for iOS and Android devices. Five days have passed since Dragalia Lost hit Google Play and the App Store in North America and Japan, and in that time Sensor Tower has determined that the game has made over $3 million in revenue.

While $3.5 million is still an impressive revenue feat for any game, console or mobile, Dragalia Lost actually has the lowest revenue within the first five days of any Nintendo mobile game yet. In the chart at the end of this article, you can see that Fire Emblem Heroes tops the chart with $13 million, followed by Super Mario Run at $8.3 million and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at $4.6 million.

If all regions are taken into account, the game’s overall revenue would be raised to $3.5 million, still the lowest of any Nintendo mobile game within this period. Sensor Tower also estimates that Dragalia Lost has been installed about 800,000 times across all regions. While Dragalia Lost’s revenue performance is lackluster when compared to other titles, one should also keep in mind that this is a brand new IP within a niche genre, so it doesn’t have as broad of an appeal as something like Super Mario Bros. or Fire Emblem.

Like I said before, these are still fairly good numbers for a mobile game from a large company, so I wouldn’t consider Dragalia Lost dead on arrival. That being said, only time will tell how well Cygames and Nintendo decide to support it after launch.

In other mobile-related Nintendo news, about a quarter of the Nintendo Switch’s install base has downloaded the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. Dragalia Lost is currently available on iOS and Android.