DragoDino Hatches New Trailer: Coming to Steam June 2017

DragoDino Hatches New Trailer: Coming to Steam June 2017

The Parisian dev team TealRocks Studio are currently wrapping up work on their two year project, DragoDino. The 2D platformer contains bright visuals and nicely animated action for the long hunt for missing eggs. The game is set to release on Steam in June 2017.

One day, up in the skies where the DragoDino live, a miracle occurred. Multiple eggs were laid with the arrival of one a very rare occurrence. Tragedy struck when they all fell to the Earth. Now, Bob the dragon/dinosaur must go down to the unknown world below and rescue all the eggs.

The quest will be dangerous and ever-changing. Each run will contain different abilities, different enemy placements, and different landscapes. You’ll have to use your breath laser and jumping skills to get through 10 different levels and make sure all the eggs are safe.

Other features include:

  • EPIC – Face multitude enemies to haul yourself to the summit of the world and save your egg.
  • CARTOON – Explore a fun colorful world where the appearances are misleading.
  • ROGUE – Discover a world created randomly to every party and adapt yourself to survive.

A trailer also released for the game showing the catching visuals in action. The video also showcases some multiplayer hi-jinx. There looks to be a co-op mode and a battle mode with each version having both players trying to collect more stone gems than the other.

The music and the brightness of the game make this a chipper title that’s hard to ignore. It doesn’t seem like the gameplay is doing anything groundbreaking but the action looks smooth and the roguelike elements will at least keep things different.

There’s been no word on the price or when in June DragoDino will release. But the game will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux. You can see the English launch trailer below: