Dragon Age 4 First Footage Seemingly Revealed at EA Play

Dragon Age 4 footage for next-gen hardware has finally come about in perhaps the most anticlimactic way possible.

June 18, 2020

BioWare has been hard at work on Dragon Age 4 for a few years now, there isn’t anything we’ve actually seen of the project yet outside of its first reveal trailer that debuted back in 2018. Fortunately, it seems as though that drought of footage has now come to an end, even though what we’ve been shown isn’t substantial at all.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment that came about at the end of today’s EA Play live stream, work on BioWare’s next-gen Dragon Age game was seemingly unveiled for the first time. The footage, which appeared to be in-engine, only showed off a few different settings. These included one with an ominous-looking tree, another with a sort of dilapidated structure sitting in water, and a final glimpse at some sort of area that had been overrun by glowing, red objects.

You can see the brief footage in question right here:

It’s worth noting, however, that EA never outright referred to this footage from BioWare as being from the fourth Dragon Age installment. The only way that we even have a good idea that what was shown is directly from Dragon Age 4 is because Electronic Arts referred to the accompanying footage alongside the term “fantasy worlds.” Considering that Dragon Age resides in a world and genre that many would dub as “high fantasy,” it seems as though this would be our best guess as to what we were shown.

There’s also just the fact that, generally, what was highlighted has a certain Dragon Age look to it, especially in comparison to BioWare’s other properties. Neither Anthem nor Mass Effect, the two other IPs that the studio is actively working on, fit the bill here at all. So yeah, this is almost certainly Dragon Age 4, even though there’s not much to make out.

If you were hoping to see more from Dragon Age or BioWare as a whole today, well, then it looks like you’ll just have to keep waiting. As for Dragon Age 4 specifically, previous statements from EA have indicated that the game won’t be ready to release until 2022 at the earliest. There’s still quite a long time left to go until we learn more about this one.

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