Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Some Additional Details and Gameplay Trailer

on August 13, 2014 4:17 AM

To kickstart the their Gamesom conference, EA gave developer BioWare the floor to show off more gameplay and additional details for the upcoming multiplatform title Dragon Age: Inquisition, which promises a set of nine character classes. As the biggest and most ambitious game ever developed at BioWare Edmonton, Dragon Age: Inquisition will employ 21 combat trees for the nine classes, adding a large variety, about 200, to be exact, different upgrade schematics (spells and abilities).

The Inquisition Skyhold was also announced, which is your customizable fortress that also houses the War Table, where players will choose their missions.

Combat is also seeing a nice little addition. The Tactical Camera has been implemented which will allow players to dynamically “pause” combat, allowing them to strategically choose how they fight.

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