Dragon Age Inquisition UE 5 Fan Remake Could Give You a Hint on the Next Entry

It's now harder to wait for Dragon Age 4.

January 17, 2022

The Dragon Age Inquisition fan remake of The Crow Fence in Epic’s most powerful game engine will make you want Dragon Age 4 right now!

It’s been already 8 years since the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition and BioWare has not delivered anything new from the franchise so far, though we do know that a new Dragon Age is actually in the works.

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Recently, a job listing for BioWare revealed that they are looking for programmers who are familiar with Unreal Engine 4/5 for the development of the next Mass Effect entry.


This could probably mean that the next Mass Effect is being developed on Unreal Engine rather than EA’s internal Frostbite engine. The same policy might be applied for BioWare’s next Dragon Age title as well.

Now, if you have no clue what a Dragon Age would look like on Unreal Engine 5, the following fan remake cinematic of Dragon Age Inquisition could be a fitting example.

Dragon Age Inquisition Small Fan Remake of The Crow Fens Looks Stunning

As reported by DSOG, Leo Torres is a talented fan of the Dragon Age series who once shared a video from his remake of Dragon Age Inquisitions The Crow Fence in Unreal Engine 5 back in June 2021.

Now, Torres has enhanced his recreation of this beautiful in-game environment after the recent updates of Unreal Engine 5, which looks even more stunning now.

Of course, this is only a small part of the game, but it already shows off the raw power of Unreal Engine 5 and what could be brought to players using this engine.

Since the announcement of Dragon Age 4, BioWare has been pretty tight-lipped about the project’s release window and theme, but we expect to hear and see more about it this year during EA’s special pre-E3 showcase, though there is no clue if the company would hold the show or not.

Currently, Mass Effect and Dragon Age are two big projects at BioWare, which are supposed to revive the studio after epic fails with its previous launches.

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