Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Confirms More of the Fantasy Universe Is Coming

Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Confirms More of the Fantasy Universe Is Coming

While in an interview, Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of the Dragon Age series, mentioned that more in the series "is happening."

No official reveal has been made just yet, but it seems that, in case there was any doubt, more Dragon Age is definitely coming according to BioWare Creative Director Mike Laidlaw.

While on The 1099 podcast, Mike Laidlaw discussed many aspects that go into creating a Dragon Age title, touching on some of the milestones of previous entries. While on the topic, he briefly mentioned that “something is happening with Dragon Age.” While this is certainly happy news, Laidlaw did not go into further detail on what this “something” actually might be or when we could expect it.

Unfortunately, there was not a lot in the interview to further imply what form this project might take. After all, the Dragon Age franchise has seen releases in a variety of media, including film, comics, and novels, so it’s fair to say that Laidlaw could have been speaking in reference to anything.

However, this mention does seem to echo the information that came last month from Sunless Sea creator Alexis Kennedy while speaking about a BioWare project he is working on, noting that he is indeed working on “a bit of lore” for Dragon Age. This news also came very publicly when Dragon Age Executive Producer very publicly said to Kennedy on Twitter, “welcome to the Dragon Age franchise.”

The only other mention that Laidlaw made to the project was that the Dragon Age team is currently hiring, and they are looking for “a lot of people.” With that said, the project may very much be in its infancy at this time, but is it possible that these recent mentions may be pointing to the reveal of a little more information not too far down the road? Time will tell.