Dragon Age Launch DLC

The game has yet to be released and already there are incantations of DLC for the upcoming RPGish game. Well, that’s not a bad thing – it only shows that the developers might be really advocating support for the multiplatform title. According to EA, a selection of downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins will be available immediately after launch. Basically, you get your game, and as soon as you head home, DLC should be there waiting for you. Simple, huh? However, there is a bit of a problem for those of you cheapos out there who would rather buy the game used. People, say hello to the world of douchebaggery but, at the same time, fairness.

The “Stone Prisoner” DLC, which will include a new Golem character, has been announced as free for new buyers of the game, and $15 to those who don’t have the code in the box, or buy it past the April 30 deadline. The “Blood Dragon Armor,” which offers players a new suit of armor, will also be included. No price, however, is given for the non-bundled download for the armor. The other part, titled “The Warden’s Keep” download offers a new “dungeon-exploring adventure” with exclusive items along with some new player abilities, which will cost you about $7 to download; If you buy the “Digital Deluxe Edition,” though, you’ll be able to obtain it for free. Woot? Woot!

Dragon Age: Origins releases for the Xbox 360 and PC this November.

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