Dragon Age: Origins Director Releasing New Dungeons & Dragons Game This Year

on February 12, 2015 11:38 AM

This one is a bit of an unexpected surprise, but a nice surprise none-the-less: Warframe developer Digital Extremes and n-Space are bringing out a new Dungeons & Dragons game named Sword Coast Legends and it’s being led by industry veteran Dan Tudge who also worked on Dragon Age: Origins.

Sword Coast Legends is actually due out this year for the PC platform according to official website for the game. You can actually pre-order your copy from the website right now, though a release date hasn’t been attached to the game.

The game is described as one that will appeal to both RPG and pen-and-paper fans with the introduction of the brand new Dungeon Master mode whereby one player will take the role of Dungeon Master to guide the other players through customizable adventures. Sounds like the dream of every Dungeon and Dragons fan. Before you start slamming fans of Dungeons and Dragons, remember, Vin Diesel is a long time fan and he would probably break you into pieces if you diss his favorite game.

So what does it look like in action? Pretty neat actually, considering the game is still in development. You can check out the trailer below along with the extensive gallery of images released for the game.

Sword Coast Legends is due out later this year for the PC, we’ll keep you updated with release dates and more info as and when the become available.

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