Dragon Age: Origins DLC On Sale for XBL

Dragon Age: Origins DLC On Sale for XBL


The Xbox Deal of the Week is one of the biggest seen in a while. Biggest in terms of how much has actually been cut. Four Dragon Age: Origins DLC packs are on sale, and one of them is the Awakening expansion. Normally priced at 3200 Microsoft Points ($40), the Awakening expansion pack is cut in half at 1600 Microsoft Points ($20). Twenty bucks! Someone must have taken a sip of generous juice today.

Here are the other three packs and new prices:

  • Return to Ostagar 40% off 240 Microsoft Points ($3)
  • Warden’s Keep 29% off 400 Microsoft Points ($5)
  • Blood Dragon Red Tee 50% off at 40 Microsoft Points (50 cents)

The sale is for this week only, so be sure to take advantage while you still can!