Dragon Age: Redemption’s Feb. 14 Release Means You Can Call Felicia Day Your Valentine

on February 6, 2012 5:30 PM

If you believe the word “adorkable” is a legitimate adjective, you’ve probably used it too much to describe Felicia Day to your friends. Well, there’s plenty of her in the Dragon Age: Redemption¬†DVD due out Feb. 14, just in time for you to claim she’s your date on the day most grade-schoolers adore for its candy quotient.

The DVD features all six episodes of the series thus far, which amounts to about one hour total. There are also about 40 minutes worth of bonus material like behind-the-scenes stunt featurettes and various commentary tracks. The series follows Day as Tallis, an elven assassin who teams up with several cohorts to stop the nefarious deeds of a renegade mage. Think of it as a BioWare game you have no control over.

The series retains much of what makes Dragon Age¬†games appealing: attractive sets and costumes, plenty of action and cheesy in-battle one-liners. And there are much fewer blood-splattered faces. Purchasing the physical disc is your way of telling BioWare you like what they’re doing. After all, the whole shebang is available for you to watch on YouTube right here, sans bonus features of course.

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