This Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 Figure Is What Every Hardcore Fan Needs in Their Lives

This Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 Figure Is What Every Hardcore Fan Needs in Their Lives

Caution... Android 21 might just turn you into chocolate.

Dragon Ball FighterZ sits as one of the most popular fighting games in the fighting game community right now. The game appeals to both a general audience that likely played more nuanced games like the Budokai series as well as hardcore fans who enjoy a more technical experience. I think we can all come together to agree that this new Android 21 figure from MegaHouse is just absolutely awesome.

Android 21 is an original character from Dragon Ball FighterZ and was designed by series creator Akira Toriyama. She acts as the storyline’s main antagonist and is rather popular among some of the more famous players in the competitive scene. You can check out some screenshots of the figure from every angle down below.

This figure will be released sometime in June and is available at a wide variety of retailers for roughly $115 (converted from its yen pricing). While this figure won’t see a western release it’s quite simple to have it imported from a variety of eastern retailers. For instance, you can pre-order the figure through Amazon Japan or AmiAmi.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has kept its momentum since launch back in January of 2018. During the game’s first world tour finals, Bandai Namco announced the game’s second season pass alongside four of the DLC characters that’ll be included. The first two, which are already available, are Videl (Dragon Ball Z) and Jiren (Dragon Ball Super). The last two characters are Broly and Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, both of which were the two main spectacle fighters in the recently released Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Dragon Ball FighterZ was also recently announced to be one of the nine main games appearing at Evo 2019, so expect more news out of the prolific fighting game tournament.

Additionally, an upcoming Dragon Ball Z action-RPG from Cyber Connect 2 was shown in greater detail in a trailer that debuted at the tournament. However, we don’t even have a name for this new project as of right now. Furthermore, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is another game stemming from the anime and manga series that’s making its way onto Nintendo Switch and PC in early April. If you’d like to pre-order that game, you can do so right now over on Amazon.

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