The Stage Is Set for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is coming to a close today. With six Japanese and two Americans, who will come out on top?

After yesterday’s last chance qualifier, the stage is set for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals and Japanese players are, of course, the majority for the final standoff.

How did Japan earn so many spots? Well if you recall, the original protocol for earning a slot in the finals was by earning one of seven Dragon Balls across every tournament. Well since there was a possibility at getting more than one, Kazunoko took the liberty and earned a whopping four out of seven Dragon Balls. The other three were earned by HookGangGod, Go1, and Sonic Fox. The eighth spot would have been earned at the last chance qualifier. However, given the situation, Bandai Namco Entertainment had no choice but to host four last chance qualifiers on the same day.

That’s right, players had four back-to-back chances to earn a spot in the finals. And Dogura, Fenritti, BNBBN, and Kindevu seized the opportunity and swept the single-elimination tournaments. Japan’s dominance is apparent in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but don’t count out the Americans either. In fact, both American players (Sonic Fox and HookGangGod) both have really good chances at taking this over everyone else, especially Sonic Fox.

With the chaos of yesterday finally settled, the tournament is set to begin at 11 a.m. PST and run until 7 p.m. PST. According to the World Tour’s website, there will also be news regarding the upcoming Dragon Ball RPG as well as DBFZ updates. Some news has already surfaced, including the addition of Jiren into Dragon Ball FighterZ. You can tune into all of the action today on Twitch.

Whether we see any other news apart from Jiren is still up in the air but here’s to hoping we finally get Hercule in the game. If you haven’t already, you can pick up Dragon Ball FighterZ for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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